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Texas homeowners, apartment renters, college students, and parents deserve access to budget-friendly home goods and other products! This is where Treasurez For Less comes in — our Houston, TX discount store is dedicated to providing an ever-changing inventory of brand-name, high-quality products. With new shipments coming in every single day, every single visit to our liquidation discount store is different! Discover what all we have for sale and contact us with any questions you have!
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Why pay brand-name prices when you don’t have to? Whether you’re looking for budget appliances, new household electronics, budget furniture store pieces, or toys, Treasurez For Less has got you covered! Our liquidation discount store prides itself on offering the same quality items you’re used to seeing in other retailers, but up to 40% off the traditional retail price! This, coupled with our commitment to excellent customer service and creating memorable shopping experiences, is all in service of saving our shoppers money.

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Our Houston discount store’s shelves are never stagnant. With new shipments of items coming in every single day and every single week, there’s always something for everyone! Treasurez For Less’ liquidation discount store locations on Wells Fargo Drive and Westheimer Road are designed to provide a unique shopping experience every single time.

Secrets To Get The Best Bargains & Deals

Ready to snag the best deals from Treasurez For Less? We’ll let you in on a few secrets to getting the best deals from our Houston discount store locations. Because our inventory changes constantly, the best way to find all the budget appliances, household electronics, affordable furniture, and toys you need for yourself and your loved ones is to visit us often. With prices up to 40% off retail price, you can expect to find fully-functioning, like-new items at prices that fit well within your personal budget. Visit us in-person regularly to see what all is new and to find everything you need for your home or office!
You can also stay up-to-date on all the best deals our liquidation discount store has to offer by checking our social media pages! See what’s going on at our Wells Fargo Drive and Westheimer Road locations and keep an eye out for the tell-tale Treasurez For Less brand sign! Stay in touch with us to learn more about different reward program opportunities and other special offers.

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Start saving money with Treasurez For Less now! Check out our two liquidation discount store locations in Houston to get the best offers on items you need and use every single day!
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